Clayland Design

I started Clayland Design in 2007. It was my personal graphic design company that kept me afloat during the summers at home and through high school and college. My clients were mainly in Ocean City, MD, and Savannah, GA. I really got to learn what it was like to work freelance and to price out jobs and come up with target deadlines. It challenged me to get in tune with how I designed and in the ways I spent my time. I stopped Clayland design in 2014 in order to focus on my career towards the end of college.

Some of my projects included creating a website for Quiet Storm surf shop as well as creating hundreds of clothing and other miscellaneous graphics. I created a couple of clothing websites for friends that were creating their own companies. I also made some larger websites for bigger businesses like Savannah Millwork Inc. and one for a new condominium that was built in my town, The View. I also had orders from Fin City Brewing Co. that totaled to thousands of stickers that they sold and gave away to customers.


Selection of Work



Quiet Storm